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Eroded self-confidence — because his behavior feels personal. Eroded self-esteem — because his behavior punishes you for having emotions. Distorted view of love and what you can expect from a man who says he loves you. Increased tendency to shut down and shut people out to feel safer around them.

This beautifully written book is for Christian wives and girlfriends of men who were sexually abused as children. In the first part, "Who He Is," Murphey writes about his own experiences of abuse and healing, as well as the experiences of other men.

My whole body was in awful pain. It aches like hell, I tried moving, but my body was full of scrapes, blood oozing out from it, and it was hurting like hell. I gradually opened my eyes, and it's come in touch with Mr. Drake horrible gazed “You are awake slave” he mocks. My whole body is arching, he is making my life a miserable one.

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The Silent Alpha . NOT A BOOK. 3.88. 166 ratings 33 reviews. Want to Read. Rate this book. Book details & editions. About the author. NOT A BOOK 4 books 7,241.

Annalisa Barbieri. I am a confident, independent woman who is being emotionally abused by my husband. We have been together for 15 years and have three children. It began when our first child was.

In this groundbreaking bestseller, Lundy Bancroft — a counselor who specializes in working with abusive men — uses his knowledge about how abusers think to help women recognize when they are being.

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